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Mobile Science Labs (MSL) is a support program that delivers the necessary materials, supplies, equipment and support personnel for the effective teaching of chemistry laboratory activities.


Mobile Science Labs articulate with California State High School Chemistry Content Standards. The activities incorporate both basic and technology-based equipment. 


During each visit the driver(s) deliver to the requesting teacher the equipment and materials for the experiment(s) to be conducted that day. The Van drivers are available to assist the teacher if so requested, but they do NOT replace the teacher.


Partial Listing of Available Chemistry Lab Activities
  1. Determining the volume of an object by displacement and by  measuring

  2. Acids, bases and indicators

  3. Boiling point determination

  4. Melting point determination

  5. Determining the specific heat of aluminum

  6. Identifying compounds by their flame emission spectra 

  7. Gay-Lussac's P vs. T relationship

  8. LeChatelier's Principle

  9. Synthesis and properties of polymers



Mobile Science Labs-LA

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