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Mobile Science Labs are modeled on the highly successful Chemistry and Physics Van Program pioneered by Professors Mel Sabella and Michael Mimnaugh of Chicago State University. (  During the past eleven years the Chemistry Van Program has been cited by various organizations as an exemplary model for national science education reform initiatives.


The program was selected for the inclusion in the Guide To Math and Science Reform, and was included in the National Science Foundation, Urban Systemic Initiative Directory of Best Practices.    MSL also makes use of lessons learned and resources from a similar program that has been successfully implemented across the state of Alabama (  

The AMSTI  project was evaluated by an outside evaluator that found significant increases in student achievement over the last four years.

Taken from Summary of AMSTI External Evaluation Student Achievement Data, 2006

In an increasingly complex, high-tech society, U.S. high school graduates need a basic understanding of science and technology to lead productive lives, so states a study sponsored by the National Science Foundation titled “America’s Lab Report: Investigations in High School Science”. The investigation found sufficient evidence that high school science labs generally do not follow established principles for effective science instruction.

Resources for purchasing and maintaining equipment are inadequate: A quality physics class requires expensive equipment. While there are many outstanding and cost-effective pieces of educational equipment available, such as computerized data collection systems, there is little budget available to purchase them. However, purchasing funds are only the beginning of the resources needed to effectively use equipment. It takes hours of work to learn how to effectively use equipment in the classroom, not to mention setting it up or maintaining it. Teachers often have to do most of this on their own time.

Students in Mobile Science Labs learn math, science, and technology through activity-based, inquiry approaches consistent with the latest research on effective math and science instruction.  

Professional development workshops improve teacher mastery of subject matter and equipment use. Through these workshops teachers from different school systems gain the opportunity to network with peers, sharing both content knowledge and teaching techniques. 


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